Sorry Lalit Modi , You Just Puked it Out!

This is for all who might or might not have noticed the recent tweets by the former IPL commissioner Lalit K Modi, and who might or might not have heard about the news of omitting Kings Eleven Punjab and Rajasthan Royals from IPL 4.

This is what Mr Modi tweeted (as copy pasted from Yahoo News!): “The BCCI has shown its true colours, one set of rules for themselves and another set for the others…Members go to meetings and listen to Diktat of President and President elect. if you open your mouth you are thrown out. This cannot go on…All illegal things done by CSK amd its owners have been over looked by BCCI. Why ? Who is running the show. What has Srinivasan got om them.”

This tweet proves the rot inside the IPL and the BCCI. If Modi knew about the illegal things done by CSK, all the while he was heading the IPL, why did he keep silent? Does these words in his tweet suggest - if CSK can do it, why not Royals and Kings Eleven Punjab also do it?

May be Mr Modi wanted to imply that he was thrown out because he opened his mouth, but with such a tweet, he just puked out the rot within the BCCI and the IPL. Anyways, congrats to BCCI for being bold and throwing out the weeds. And miss you Punjab Eleven and Rajasthan Royals.

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