CWG Filth and the Filthiest!

This post is meant for those foreigners who complain about the filthy facilities offered in the CWG games village, those participants who pulled out of the games complaining the facilities and the media that is still doing the deepest autopsy possible on CWG . Thanks to the friend who forwarded this mail.
Is this for what you wanted a clean and shining games village?


Half-Boiled CWG Theme Song is Now Hard-Boiled!

XIX CWG games has been there in the headlines so far, not for good reasons though. It all started with the news channels started to howl over the delayed progress in developing the infrastructure, which includes the track and field in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the swimming pool complex, and the ITDC towers in the games village. Making the shame more vivid was that most of the completed works many has collapsed and are continuously reworked on; vinyl flooring at the weightlifting venue is peeling off, the shooting range embankments collapsed, water seepage in the boxing stadium, granite pavements in Khan Market are re-paved as it became slippery beyond control and further humiliation happened when the swimming pool flooded!


A Whore called Cricket !

Kapil Dev with World Cup
Team India with T20 World Cup
Indian Cricket got it's most ecstatic orgasm in the form of 1983 World Cup and another elated one in the form of T20 World Cup in 2007. In its international life history, cricket has had its own ups and downs, but cricket has never ever had any sort of arousal dis-functions so far. The sweet sound of the leather hitting the middle of the willow, has been the heart beat of millions of Indians and followers across the globe. It might have got turned off due to a few stinky incidents behind the scenes, like the match fixing scandals which ended the cricketing life's as well as the 'real lives' of a few in the game, but never did it effect cricket in moving ahead.


The Cinnamon Challenge

The Cinnamon challenge in which an individual has to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon without inhaling the cinnamon or vomiting. As what Wikipedia says, despite several video documented attempts, a few seemed to beat this challenge. Well what I'm concerned is not about the real cinnamon challenge, as I don't have any intentions to accept such challenges, but about the cinnamon challenge that our households are facing.


MNP-o-phobia and service providers

Mobile number portability or MNP, as we all know is what that helps customers to switch operators without changing the existing number. The service presently available across the globe (minus India obviously) allows the customer to change the service provider, if he feels discontent over the existing or if somebody else is offering a better service, and also letting him free of the hassle of spreading the 'change of number news' amongst his contacts. Moreover, MNP could be done irrespective of whether it is a GSM network or a CDMA network. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) have divided the servicing area into two zones and has given license to two companies to carry out the MNP operations: MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions (MNPITS) and Syniverse Technologies India. 

The Indians who Grand Slammed!

Tennis is believed to have originated in the country in and around the 1880s, when the courts were restricted to the British elites. Later on there came the championships like the Punjab Lawn Tennis Championship in Lahore (Now in Pakistan), the Bengal Lawn tennis Championship in Calcutta and the All India Tennis Association Championships. The British dominated these championships in the early years and the first Indian to win a championship in an Indian Tournament was Mohammed Saleem, who won the Punjab Lawn Tennis Championship in 1915. The All India Lawn Tennis Association (AILTA), stationed in Lahore was formed in 1920. That was about the history of Tennis in the country.

Kerala goes Hollywood!

Bakel fort

Kerala, the God's own country as labelled by the state's tourism promotion council, is not just a tourist's paradise anymore. The picturesque locations are not just pretty sights and refreshing vacation spots for the tourists, the state is gradually rising to stardom with many of the landscapes being featured in Bollywood movies. The trend of featuring locations in Kerala in Bollywood is thought to have bud when the acclaimed director from the south, Mani Ratnam, got the dubbed version of his movie Bombay in Tamil to Bollywood.
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