If I was Kalmadi..

Suresh Kalmadi

First, I would have never openly challenged the media, and point out a particular news channel (I meant Times Now) for bringing up an unwanted controversy. Before reacting to the media and stating all the allegations as rubbish, I would have ensured that there is no fault with my colleagues and the allegations are baseless.

As a preliminary step, I would have clearly understood the meaning of "Common Wealth" and that it is not a common wealth creating opportunity for my colleagues or members of any of the associated bodies of the Organizing Committee. Even if anybody misunderstands the real meaning of CW, I would have strictly instructed them to wipe clean their plates after eating. I'll stand by my colleagues only if they scam decently and not overdo it, seriously I wouldn't mind them sharing the "Common Wealth," but there is a limit.

I'm really proud of the success of the games and wouldn't have hesitated to add more sentences to praise the efforts of the OC in my speech during the opening ceremony. I would have never gone hibernating when the entire nation was expecting my reply to the questions raised by the media.

Even if I failed to control the lust for money of my colleagues, I would have ensured that they be penalized for this lust, at least when the games are over. I should have known that my house is in deep shit before I asked Ms Sheila Dikshit to set her house in order, and obeyed the Congress party's restraint order, keeping my mouth shut. I wish, I had the same courage to answer the media when it was most required .

I should have been more careful in my press conference where I blundered, I thanked Princess Diana instead of the Duchess of Cornwall! (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/sportvideo/8043547/Delhi-Games-chief-makes-Princess-Diana-blunder.html)

By now I would regret the mistake of blaming the media, I would have taken severe action in penalizing my colleagues, I would have maintained the glory achieved by the CWG success and, save my face. However all this is possible only if my inner consciousness makes me confident that I have not or not intended to share the "Common Wealth!"

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  1. हो..... गया !

    'ख़तम खेल', सोना हज़म हो गया,
    रजत, तांबा जो था भसम हो गया.

    पढ़ा ख़ूब 'कलमा दि'लाने पे जीत,
    "विलन", सौत* का फिर बलम हो गया. *[सत्ता]

    लगी दांव पर आबरूए वतन,
    रवय्या तभी तो नरम हो गया.

    चला जिसका भी बस लगा डाला कश,
    'हज़ारेक' करौड़ी चिलम हो गया.

    है मशहूर मेहमाँ नावाज़ी में हम,
    बियर की जगह, व्हिस्की-रम हो गया.

    सितारों से रौशन रही रात-दिन,
    ये दिल्ली पे कैसा करम हो गया.

    कमाई में शामिल 'विपक्षी' रहे,
    'करोड़ों' का ठेका ! क्या कम हो गया?

    निकल आया टॉयलेट से पेपर का रोल*,
    यह वी.आई.पी. 'हगना' सितम हो गया.

    [*एक रोल ४१०० में खरीदा गया?]
    -- mansoorali hashmi

  2. Kalmadi is one typical example of Indian political bureaucracy. Through Kalmadi India teaches the rest of the world "What you should not do". He has been careless, corrupt, callous... still sticking his neck up with all arrogance. This can happen only in India and only Indian politics. Hail Indian democracy and the people who elected their representatives.

  3. Going by what you've written... i guess you wouldn't be in that position at all, so there would be no need for you to worry about it!

    M S Ahluwalia

  4. @MS Ahluwalia, LOL! I woldn't want to be in that position either. Where there is honey, there would be bees, where there is money there would be politicians. Let it be CWG or IPL or anything!


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