Fort Kochi Beach

Sunset @ Fort Kochi Beach

Chinese Fishing nets in Fort Kochi. Vallarpadam International Transshipment Container Terminal in the Background

LNG Container Terminal as seen from Fort Kochi Beach

The Walk way at Fort Kochi Beach

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Salute to all Indians on Republic Day

Saluting all Indians and Indian politicians, who have worked all day and night to amass millions ( more than India's GDP) in swiss banks, salute to all masterminds who are trying to hush up the black money issue by creating news in the valley (shame that it's been done using our national flag)...finally salute to all Indian Mango Men (Aam Aadmi) who is deep fried and sun dried in Inflation, and again preserved in brine to be used for another 50-60 years of Independence ...


An Aussie Cap Experience!

This happened during my college days when I was playing for the college cricket team. To be part of the prestegious team which won 13 consecutive university champ title was truly an honour. To make it a memorable event, I decided to buy an aussie cap (just because it looked similar to the famous aussie green test cap!). Then came the debut! I's padded up and all set to go. Openers were biggies (state team players), and were ruthlessly hammering the immature bowling of the opposition. I's all pumped up seeing all the pulls and hooks going over the ropes. First wicket came down, my call came- I took my aussie cap and put it on in style, walked in ,took guard and got ready to face the ball. The bowler looked younger than a high schooler, he came running and delivered the first ball. It was a shot pitched one,slow and begging to be hit. I swinged my bat in full throttle, for my misery,the ball edged and hit my eye brows. The scar remains on my face, eventhough I lost my aussie cap !


If I was Kalmadi..

Suresh Kalmadi

First, I would have never openly challenged the media, and point out a particular news channel (I meant Times Now) for bringing up an unwanted controversy. Before reacting to the media and stating all the allegations as rubbish, I would have ensured that there is no fault with my colleagues and the allegations are baseless.

As a preliminary step, I would have clearly understood the meaning of "Common Wealth" and that it is not a common wealth creating opportunity for my colleagues or members of any of the associated bodies of the Organizing Committee. Even if anybody misunderstands the real meaning of CW, I would have strictly instructed them to wipe clean their plates after eating. I'll stand by my colleagues only if they scam decently and not overdo it, seriously I wouldn't mind them sharing the "Common Wealth," but there is a limit.

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