If I was Kalmadi..

Suresh Kalmadi

First, I would have never openly challenged the media, and point out a particular news channel (I meant Times Now) for bringing up an unwanted controversy. Before reacting to the media and stating all the allegations as rubbish, I would have ensured that there is no fault with my colleagues and the allegations are baseless.

As a preliminary step, I would have clearly understood the meaning of "Common Wealth" and that it is not a common wealth creating opportunity for my colleagues or members of any of the associated bodies of the Organizing Committee. Even if anybody misunderstands the real meaning of CW, I would have strictly instructed them to wipe clean their plates after eating. I'll stand by my colleagues only if they scam decently and not overdo it, seriously I wouldn't mind them sharing the "Common Wealth," but there is a limit.


Jeevan Se Bhari Teri Aankhen...

An attempt to sing a song by my favorite singer Kishore Kumar. Song from the movie Safar.

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Ghoonghat mey Chehra Aapka...

One of my all time favorites, originally sung by Hariharan and from the movie Ghoonghat.

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Tamil Song: Munpaniya Mudhal Mazhaya...

This is a song originally sung by SP Balasubramaniam.

My first attempt in posting songs. This was sung for my wife before engagement and was recorded over phone!
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The Special Document!

This post was inspired by various real incidents which happened in my life. Being an ‘Aam Admi’, I also had to be a part of numerous documentation processes, natural obligations of being a citizen of India! Have seen a lot of movies in which corruption has been portrayed as a social villain (or villainess – gender equality should be there in everything!), I always wondered why this evil character is over exaggerated in movies, as I never found anything wrong with the system, until I experienced it for myself.


Sorry Lalit Modi , You Just Puked it Out!

This is for all who might or might not have noticed the recent tweets by the former IPL commissioner Lalit K Modi, and who might or might not have heard about the news of omitting Kings Eleven Punjab and Rajasthan Royals from IPL 4.

This is what Mr Modi tweeted (as copy pasted from Yahoo News!): “The BCCI has shown its true colours, one set of rules for themselves and another set for the others…Members go to meetings and listen to Diktat of President and President elect. if you open your mouth you are thrown out. This cannot go on…All illegal things done by CSK amd its owners have been over looked by BCCI. Why ? Who is running the show. What has Srinivasan got om them.”


The Best Sambar Contest!

I've been having the same Sambar for many years now. I need it to taste differently, but I still need Sambar.
 Do you have the perfect recipe for making the best Sambar for me?



First, thanks to the friend who forwarded the email describing this cruelty and to you who is reading this post now (and hopefully spread the message amongst your friends). 

Thankamma and four blind children during the press conference
This is the story about Thankamma, from a small town called Karunagapally in Kerala. She is the mother of four, and the unfortunate part is that all four are blind by birth. Eldest amongst her children is her son and other three are daughters. Only blessing to her family is the knowledge in singing and the voice of her children. 

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